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Toshop - About us

About us

Our mission is to work with retailers and give you (buyers) the opportunity to get cash. The cash normally goes to advertisers such as Google, now members of can get the cashback. The cash rebate can be as high as 40% or more. It is significant for frequent online buyers. What is more attractive to be a member of we developed a structure that encourage our members to sharing the success of getting rebates with your friends or others. You will get $5 cash back for each confirmed valid member you have referred (see: how to refer) . What is more exciting is: you will benefit for four layers of members referred by you. Yes, this is multiple levels marketing (MLM); yet, it is very different from traditional MLM. You do not need to pay any membership fee. You just buy as normal and earn cash. To reward members for your efforts to introduce the service, ToShop will require each member to contribute 10% of the cash back to the upper layers. For example, if you consume $2700 a year, and can get 5% of cash back, you should get $135. In this plan, you will get $121.5. The great news is: if you referred 20 members, and each 20 referred 20, and so on. You will earn over $200,000 a year (this calculation is based on 20x20x20x20 and each member consume $2700 a year). You can pass your membership to your children. We assume, most people do not mind giving up $15 to earn the opportunity to make $50,000, or $200,000 a year.

What we do: we will work closely with retailers to get extra discount, so most likely, your contribution to upper layers will be made up by the extra discount offered to our members. We will work with you, to explore the best deals, so our members can easily find what they need at the best price.

We (, you, retailers) are a team, family and in a win-win situation.